CJ Nelson – 10’1 CJ Paragon Pin Prototype


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A new 10’1″ CJ Nelson Paragon Pin Model ( Prototype ) available now at Modern Beach Supply.

Shaped and glassed in Southern California, USA.

Size: 10’1″
Width: 24 1/2″
Thickness: 3 3/16″
Volume: Unknown
Color: Clear Top / Swirl Rail + Swirl Bottom
Finish: WSG
Stringer: 1/4″
Glassing: 6 x 2 Deck / 6 Bottom with Patch
Fin: Box
Blank: Poly


The PARAGON is a workhorse for the traditional longboarder. A “Classic” California inspired stepdeck, designed to be extremely neutral. Very fast and loose off the tail and stable on the nose for pocket tip riding. The Paragon has a very even rocker profile with a slight step deck and edge in the tail which allows this board to flow and maneuver with ease while remaining a versatile noserider. A blended but deep concave in the nose with a modern down rail in the tail allows you to push through and drive out of your bottom turns and carry speed through your cutbacks. The Paragon is a favorite of the whole team.

Concept designed by: CJ X Ryan Engle

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