CJ Nelson – 10’2″ Big Dummy – Deep Red – Used Personal


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10’2″ CJ Nelson Big Dummy Model. CJ Nelson Personal.
Slightly used, in great condition.

Size: 10’2″
Width: 24″
Thickness: 3.25″
Color: Deep Red
Volume: 86L
Finish: WSG
Stringer: 1/4″
Glassing: 6oz x 2 Deck / 6oz Bottom with Patch


The BIG DUMMY is a specialty noserider. The original concept was made specifically for CJ’s soft top brand CRIME. Now redesigned and refined for our Poly lineup…this one’s a cult classic. Built to park it and stay there, the BIG DUMMY is the most stable noserider CJ has ever designed. The BIG DUMMY has a massive beveled concave for extreme lift, a step deck to add sensitivity and control while navigating sections from the front, performance rails for control, and extreme kick in the tail to continually drag you back into the pocket for extended tip time. This board is possibly the easiest nose riding surfboard ever built, earning the title BIG DUMMY because literally anyone can do it. This design will have spectators scratching their heads.

Concept designed by: CJ X Ryan Engle

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