Sea Monnster – Prototype – 9’4″ – Clear Volan – Used Personal


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A personal board of Josh Seemann, this 9’4″ Sea Monnster extra thin prototype is available now at Modern Beach Supply.
This board is thin with knifey rails, but super sturdy with volan cloth. Ideal for the intermediate to advanced noserider.
In great condition!

Size: 9’4″
Width: 23″
Thickness: 2.4″
Volume: —
Color: Clear Volan
Finish: WSG
Stringer: 1/4″
Glassing: 10oz Volan + 3oz Deck / 10oz Volan Bottom with Patch
Suggested Fin: Flying Diamonds Sea Monnster 10″ Pivot


Josh Seemann’s custom noserider designed for maximum maneuverability from the nose to hang ten as long as possible.

Concept designed by: Josh X Ryan Engle

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