Stubby – Army


The Stubby in Army, by SURF CRIME is a very versatile and easy-to-ride displacement hull shape. Its down-the-line speed makes it best suited for long peeling waves, but it can also make any session at your home break super fun!

Available Colors – Old Foam, Army, and Primer/Pink

Fin Not Included. Recommended Fins: Flying Diamonds Involvement (9.5″, 10.5″), Parallax (9.5″, 10.5″) or Performance Center (8.5″, 9″, 9.5″). Shop for the best selection.

All CRIME Surfboards are designed by CJ Nelson, shaped by Ryan Engel, and are built to be “soft-tops that work”. They are all made like “real surfboards”, and constructed from shaped eps foam blanks with stringers, glassed with 6oz epoxy cloth, then finished with a textured EVA foam skin (which you should not wax), laminated to the deck. The end result is a highly shreddable, super fun surfboard that performs exceptionally well in most conditions, and that also doesn’t wear out like those other disposable soft-tops…