Outlier 2+1 – Sage


Length: 7’0″
Width: 23″
Thickness: 3 1/8″
Volume: 57
Fin Setup: 2 + 1

One of the most functional designs of the “shortboard revolution” re-worked by CJ and Ryan. A true speed hull that puts feel and rider enjoyment first, this board is a life changer. Digging into the history books, referencing MP, Nat and all of the transition era sliders we picked up where they left off and applied our modern knowledge to make this functional beauty. If you’re looking to size down from your longboard or looking for a one board quiver to travel the world with, there’s not a better surfboard to fulfill your needs.

The 7′ Outlier is the smaller, looser little brother of the original range. When I came up with this concept I was going for a small mid-length that would excel in smaller waves. I pulled out the tail and overall width a bit to give it some added skate for dealing with slow sections. The added curve also lets it fit into tighter spots on the wave face really letting it shine when the surf is undesirable -almost operating like a “groveler” or fish. We also added some side bites to stabilize it and give it a little more drive. Mega fast and looser than ever the 7′ Outlier rides like a dream.

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