Soleil Velvet Hour Model


“Velvet hour to me is the magic hour. Being in the water from sunset to dark is my favorite time when the sky is colorful and evokes a feeling that’s hard to explain. I chose this name for the lavender and blush boards as it pulls from the soft and vibrant hues of sunset in Malibu. These boards are also logs which are perfect for all kinds of surf.” – Soleil Errico

The Soleil Velvet Hour Model is a classic Australian-style involvement log design made popular in the late 60s in Australia before the transition era. Its wide point is slotted back from the center point making for a wider tail area and pushing the effective volume to the rear of the board. The wider tail helps create lift for nose riding when you’re in the pocket and it’s got a narrow nose profile for control in steep tight pockets when you’re tip riding. It also has a concave to create that extra lift for nose riding. When you combine all these design elements you get a board that nose rides seamlessly in the pocket and then with that wide point back, creates a pivot point that allows a board to be super maneuverable.

Combining all of the best things about a traditional log into one design and including the magic of the Thunderbolt flex pattern, potentially makes this the most user-friendly women’s performance log on the market.

Soleil Errico Pro Model
Designed with CJ Nelson and Ryan Engle

Technology: Thunderbolt Silver
Available Colors: Pink, Lavender